10 Magic Products Magicians Don't Want You To See!

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If you want to be a TRUE magician, make sure you get the good stuff. These tricks? NOT WORTH IT


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0:00 - Today We're Wasting Money!
1:09 - Magic Dice Magic Bag?
4:07 - Magic Lock Only Works With One Key
6:20 - Magic Jewelry Box
8:24 - Burning Money
10:24 - Reading Your Mind
12:58 - This Magic Trick Trolls Soup Lovers
14:36 - Magically Floating Cards
16:26 - Changing Water Into Ice?
18:47 - Don't Try This DIY Magic Trick At Home
21:02 - Tanner Ruins A Magical Sharpie Trick
23:18 - The Absolute WORST Magic Trick
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