7 Simple Ways ANY GUY Can Look BETTER While Working Out!

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Why are you working out? To look good? Want to look BETTER? In this video men's style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM   AaronMarino  Pete & Pedro  Tiege Hanley  ENEMY  is discussing ways to look even better while working out. The most important thing is that you ARE working out -- it will truly change your life. It will make you healthy and confident. But you can look better when doing it.


1. Workout bag -- it shouldn't be too big or too small. Wallets are stolen in cars parked at the gyms. Same when they're left in the locker. Take your valuables with you while you're working out. Your bag should be clean and stylish.

2. Footwear -- make sure your sneakers are stylish, clean, and functional. You need the right shoe for the job! All activities in the gym aren't created equal -- running shoe, flat bottom, cross trainer depending.

3. Shorts -- upgrade your shorts and make sure they're not too long (your legs will look tiny, and your calves will look super small). 7" athletic short is Alpha's favorite from Stitch Fix. The shorts should be tailored in the thigh.

4. Shirts -- some shirts make you 'think' you look like a superhero (they look tacky on most). And with tank tops, they're not all created equal or make you look sexy. The wife-beater is not appropriate for anywhere -- the same goes for the homemade tank top (think boobie fat, man boobies). An acceptable tank top is not too stringy and not too tight in the body but strategically tight in the chest. Cover up with a hoodie so you can warm-up in it then look jacked when you take it off. Alpha got his sexy-ass Public Rec hoodie from Stitch Fix.

5. Pants -- Alpha's old sweat pants made him look like crap, short, and homeless. It's all about wearing pants that fit you -- not too big, not too baggy, and not too tight. A simple pair of black joggers are the perfect pair of workout pants -- they match with everything. Avoid trendy joggers.

6. Water jug -- a big milk jug is not sexy, and you'll look like a meathead. Go for something sleek, manly, and streamline.

7. Headphones -- big, gigantic headphones stink like crap (not designed for sweat), are not constructed for working out, and let the world know that you don't want to talk to anyone (including spicy senoritas). Wear slim, clean, minimal earbuds
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