A Nightmare Come True | 1997 Thriller | Gerald McRaney

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A Nightmare Come True - After her apartment is damaged by fire, Sarah, a young nurse, moves back in with her folks. Shortly thereafter, her mother disappears and much to her frustration, she receives little help from the police, her family or boyfriend.

She experiences a set of disturbing nightmares about her mother and fears her life may be in danger. Sarah sets out to solve the mystery on her lonesome and what she discovers along the way causes her much grief, anger and fear. Katy Boyer is excellent as the traumatised Sarah and is supported by a fine cast including Gerald McRaney and Jeremy Renner.

There's plenty of twists, turns and red herrings to keep you interested, even if you do figure it out well before half-time.

Based on a true story!

AKA: Dream Of Murder
Year: 1997
Cast: Gerald McRaney, Jeremy Renner, Shelley Fabares, Joel Bissonette, Dann Florek, Mark Kiley, Katy Boyer, Claire Malis Calloway
Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Woman Drama

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