AEW Game Update: Backstage at Dynamite, Wrestling Code Mocap, UVW Updates, WWE Battlegrounds & More!

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In this latest batch of wrestling game news we have an update on the All Elite Wrestling video game after it was confirmed that AEW Game representatives were backstage at the February 3rd episode of AEW Dynamite to take reference photos of stars and their attires.

Also in today's video we have new updates on The Wrestling Code as they prepare to start mocap work with former WWE star Enzo. Plus we have a full preview of the new content coming to WWE 2K Battlegrounds this week, and details of some major announcements for the UVW game!

You can use the following timestamps to jump to our coverage on a specific game:

00:00 Intro
00:35 The Wrestling Code
02:39 WWE 2K Battlegrounds
03:08 UVW
04:48 AEW Game
06:19 WWE 2K Battlegrounds Entrances & Moves

Let me know your thoughts on all of today's news updates in the comments!

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