Alton Brown Reveals His Secret To Better Scrambled Eggs

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When it comes to making scrambled eggs, there's an overwhelming number of so-called "tips and tricks" out there on the internet. Some of this breakfast advice comes courtesy of professional chefs. Other tidbits come from amateur kitchen adventurers the world over. Of course, leave it to chef Alton Brown to rise above all the chatter: He wants to teach his loyal fans the best way to serve scrambled eggs. Admit it: You're officially intrigued.

In an interview with Food Network, Brown generously shared his all-time favorite tip when it comes to preparing scrambled eggs. To paraphrase, you shouldn't let your eggs cook to completion in the pan. Instead, he strongly recommends taking your eggs off the stove one minute before they're totally done – and make sure to do it right when the egg is finally firm and not runny.

Next step: go ahead and place those scrambled eggs on a warm dish. Then stand back and watch the magic happen.

You see, since eggs tend to cook rather quickly and easily, the heat of the plate will ensure they get finished up nicely. By adopting this strategy, you'll ensure your scrambled eggs possess the fabulous fluffy consistency you so desperately crave.

The key here is making sure the plate remains heated because you don't want your eggs to cool down and dry out the minute you flop them out of the pan. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck with a cold, sad scramble by the time you finish making your toast. Well, please don't become that sad, lost soul picking away at their sad scrambie on some sad Sunday morning. Life is already hard enough as it is, and you're breaking our hearts.

The most crucial step? Make sure to preheat the plate on which you'll be serving your eggy delight. As Brown told Food Network,

"Cold plates suck the heat right out of food."

Watch this video for Alton Brown's secret to better scrambled eggs!

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