Amazing Diya rangoli for #Diwali 2020 || Easy & simple muggulu & kolam designs || दिवाली रंगोली

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Amazing Diya2020 rangoli muggulu by Suneetha || Easy & simple rangoli & kolam designs || दिवाली रंगोली. It is our tradition to draw kolam every day morning at the doorsteps.
There are many benefits of drawing kolam in front of the house.
It is auspicious and believes Goddess Lakshmi enters the house if kolam is drawn.
Kolam brings a lot of positive vibrations and energy to you and your home.
Draw kolam soon after you wake up and then do your prayers.
Kolam or rangoli ( रंगोली ) is a part of Indian culture and transferred from generation to the next generation.
This ancient art form is also called as muggulu in parts of South India like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
People draw different creative rangoli kolam designs using kolam powder or muggu pindi which is
actually crushed Lime stone powder available in different parts of India.
There are different types of rangoli or kolam designs like dots kolam, sikku kolam, padi kolam, Margazhi kolam.
People draw special rangoli designs for Festivals like Sankranthi (Pongal), Diwali (Deepavali), Vijaya Dashami (Dasara).
Women create deepam rangoli or kolam designs during Diwali festival time, create very big and Dhanurmasam muggulu (Margazhi) for Sankranthi or Pongal festival.
It is a belief among the people that drawing muggulu in front of the house in the early morning soon after wake brings
good fortune to them and their family.
People mix rice flour with limestone powder and prepare their own kolam powder. Muggulu can also be drawn with rice flour only.
These Beautiful and creative designs are decorated with flowers based on the occasion or festival.
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