Anime Penguin: Red Snow

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A penguin desperate to avenge the death of his family starts his journey across the snow and ice. Will he discover the truth or become another victim? A new original series from Mashed.

Produced by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Written by Ben Michael
Animatic & Character Designs by Josh Floyd
Rough Animation by Claire Mackenzie & Liam McKeown
Clean Up, Colour & Shading by Claire Mackenzie, Liam McKeown, Kai Newton () & Ruby Hagemeier
Additional VFX by Kai Newton
Backgrounds by Isa Gross
Voice of Penguin by Gabe Kunda
Voice of Spots by Kevin Andrew Rivera
Voice of Spike by Kevin Afghani
Music by Holley Gray ()
Edit, Sound Design, Compositing & VFX by Jason Dewey

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