Avatar: Where Zuko Got His Dragon Druk In The Legend of Korra

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Avatar: Druk's Origin Story Explained


If one thing never gets out of style, its dragons. While the Fire Nation under Fire Lord Sozin’s reign have almost brought the species to extinction, The Legend of Korra confirms that after Ran and Shaw, they succeeded in continuing their lineage. Indeed, an older Fire Lord Zuko appears in Book 3: Change mounting a giant red dragon named Druk. While the comics are still ongoing, we have not yet quite reached the point where he met his lifelong friend.

Thanks to Uncle Iroh’s lie about slaying the very last dragon, Ran and Shaw kept living in secrecy with the Sun Warriors, and taught Aang and Zuko the Dancing Dragon technique, which helped Zuko in his journey towards redemption. We know that Zuko has a good relationship with those two dragons since they didn’t end up eating him and Aang. But what is the story being Druk? Where does he come from?
Four types of dragons were revealed in the Avatar Franchise so far: the white spirit dragon during Avatar Wan’s time, the green dragon met by Aang and his friend Kuzon in the comic Dragon Days, the red and blue dragon with Ran and Shaw.

In this video, I will explain Druk’s bloodline, his origin story, how he spent his childhood under Fire Lord Zuko’s protection at the sunny Ember Island location, and what it means for him to be a Thunder Dragon.

Now, press play, and let’s start exploring the Book of Dragons together.

0:00 Intro
0:47 The Origin of Dragons
4:51 Druk’s Childhood on Ember Island
8:09 Druk: The Thunder Dragon

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