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Dark World (Russian: Тёмный мир, transit. Teeny Mir) is a 2010 Russian urban fantasy/horror film directed by Anton Megerdichev. The film was the first Russian 3D format movie.

Directed by Anton Megerdichev
Produced by Aleksej Sidorov, Sergej Danielyan, Ruben Dishdishyan, Aram Movsesyan
Written by Aleksej Sidorov, Aleksandr Dobrynyan
Starring: Svetlana Ivanova, Ivan Zhidkov
Cinematography: Aleksey HarDrum
Distributed by Central Partnership
Release date: 7 October 2010

A group of students on a field trip to Lapland uncovers an ancient shield. One of the students gets possessed by some sort of spirit essence and when a supposed rescue team arrives an epic battle over an entity trapped in the shield begins
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