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???? AFTERNOONS LALATE ???? HUGE BREAKINGNEWS - FPUC is running out of money and it could be gone in a few weeks, a top Governor warms. SHOCKING SCANDAL details that the NEW FPUC (July - ) comes from FEMA, not TREASURY, and the money will soon be GONE.

Second Stimulus Check, Stimulus Package & Next Stimulus Payment Update | Good News! In this video we discuss the $1200 Second Stimulus Check, the extension of $600 per week under PUA, the $400+ additional per week for employed workers, Hazard Pay of $13 per hour for essential workers, forgiveness of student loans, new business lending instruments and more.

This is a Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update. LALATE covers the PPP Loan, EIDL, PUA, Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus Check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act, and more. Please check out videos and for exclusives that no one else is reporting. We are here to give you information that no other news site is providing you.

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