Brewing Mash Experiment: pH & Temperature Impacts on Gravity

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This week, we show off a brewing mash experiment as we explore some empirical data around mash pH extremes and the effect it has on Starting Gravity, Starch Conversion, and Taste.

WARNING: This video is significantly longer that our normal format. You can follow the time stamps to jump ahead each step of the way of the experiment if you start getting bored. If you don't want all the insights from Mike, just jump ahead to the results for each part of the experiment.

Mike ran a series of small mason jar size mashes where he manipulated the pH and the temperatures of the individual mashes. The point of this experiment was to see for ourselves what happens to the gravity when the mash pH is really off the mark and to see what sort of wort you actually create at those conditions.

We hope you get something out of this. We enjoyed the discussion even though it's a little long.


0:00 Intro - Mash pH
01:25 Experimental Premise and Design
03:25 Setting Up the Mini-Mashes
04:28 pH Strips for Measurement
05:15 Adding Temperature Extremes to the Setup
06:15 Gravity of the Ideal Mash Condition
09:00 pH 4 Results
10:00 pH 8 Results
11:10 Measuring Dissolved Solids, not Sugar Alone
13:50 Low Temperature Gravity Results
16:02 High Temperature Gravity Results
18:48 Iodine Starch conversion Test Results
20:28 When to Worry
23:48 Final Take Away about Water Chemistry

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