Building a Lego Tank that Shoots Lego Soccer Balls

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My attempt at a radio-controlled Lego tank that launches Lego soccer balls (= Lego GBC balls) using a rubber band powered gun. Nothing special in the hull, tracks and suspension. Many other Lego builders like Sariel, Kelkschiz and Matze Glatze have built better Lego tanks. But the gun is pretty powerful. I've never seen anyone make one that shoots soccer balls or uses a long wind up string to arm the rubber band. Theraband Gold was my choice for rubber band (very popular in real slingshots). The result is a bit dangerous. Not for kids! Use eye protection if you ever try to make it. The video is edited in retro 70s style with funky music. Enjoy!

Tank specs:
Wheels: 12
Motors: 5x Lego XL motor, 2x Lego M motor
Batteries: 2x Lego Power Functions Battery box
Weight: 1850 grams
Ammo: Sports Soccer Ball Plain x45
Rubber band: Theraband Gold
Remote control:
2x SBrick
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller
Left Stick: Left wheels forward/backward
Right Stick: Right wheels forward/backward
D-Pad: Gun up/down
Action buttons: Gun draw/unwind, Gun ammo insert and lock/release

Funky Backing Track - 70's Cool Groove - (D7 - G7)
Backing Tracks Channel

Background noise:
Old Film Static Projector ASMR (Wear headphones)

FREE overlay, scratches, hair, dust (no noise)
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