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Circular Filmmaking — The Shape of Christopher Nolan’s Films

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Nolan's Circles in Film ►► https://www.studiobinder.com/circles

Christopher Nolan is one of the few filmmakers directing today who make films that need to be shown in IMAX. He takes filmmaking theory to a whole other level.

Our Video Essay will do a deep film analysis of Christopher Nolan movies, but instead of touching on his directing style or filmmaking tips, we’re going to look at the constant motif in his films — the use of the circle. Will his new film Tenet have that same modern film noir style that we’ve seen during Christopher Nolan’s directing career?

Christopher Nolan movies encapsulate the essence of filmmaking. They show how an intelligent person can become begin directing movies and become successful without the need for film school. He uses philosophy to define his films and takes us into areas of science fiction and thriller that most directors can’t seem to achieve.

#christophernolan #tenet #directing

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