CLASSIC HORROR MOVIE: The Terror (1963) | Jack Nicholson in popular grindhouse horror film [HQ, USA]

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A must-watch classic horror starring Jack Nicholson ???? THE TERROR (1963) by Roger Corman ???? Full horror movie for free on YouTube ???? In 1806, Andre Duvalier (Jack Nicholson), a French soldier lost in the Confederation of the Rhine, is saved by Helene, a young woman who bears a resemblance to Ilsa von Leppe, the wife of Baron von Leppe who died 20 years before. Andre sets out to investigate Helene's true identity and, in doing so, learns the Baron's darkest secret: after he found Ilsa with another man, the Baron killed his wife while his servant killed her lover.

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???? Movie genre: Horror / Grindhouse horror

✨ THE TERROR (1963) film cast:

Boris Karloff as Baron von Leppe/Eric
Jack Nicholson as Andre Duvalier
Dick Miller as Stefan, the Baron's son and trustful servant
Sandra Knight as Helene/Ilsa, the shapeshifting demon of the witch
Dorothy Neumann as Katrina the witch
Jonathan Haze as Gustaf, a lost village man

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