Coffee Cupcakes |咖啡杯子蛋糕|纸杯蛋糕#Simple YY

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Coffee cupcakes ~ Baked this cake for my hubby as only him likes to eat the bitter coffee cupcakes in the house ????. The cupcakes are super soft and you may serve in room temperature or chill in the fridge for different texture. Both are delicious! I personally like the chilled cupcakes as I only drink cold coffee ????. Sugar need to adjust if you prefer sweeter cupcakes.

Ingredients 材料
3 Egg yolks 3颗蛋黄
25g Olive oil 25克橄榄油
40g Fresh milk 40克鲜奶
8g Coffee powder 8克咖啡粉
5-6tsp Warm water 5-6茶匙温水
45g Cake flour 45克低筋面粉

3 Egg whites 3颗蛋白
40g Castor sugar 40克细砂糖
Lemon juice 柠檬汁

*This recipe can yields 12 medium size cupcakes

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