Curse of Strahd Playthrough (2020) - S2, EP:6 - Into the Mist: Righteous Misconception

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 6 of RealmSmith’s 'Into the Mist' where Callie, Dmitri, Falpher, Sterling, and Muskoka find themselves battling their notions of good and evil. This episode features special guest Noura Ibrahim as Ezmerelda and Matthew Lillard as Rictavio!

Into the Mist is an interactive live-play Dungeons & Dragons 'Curse of Strahd' campaign! Join Dungeon Master Jason Azevedo and the RealmSmith crew as they find themselves trapped by the mists in the tortured land of Barovia! Watch us live every Monday at 7 pm ET (4PM PT) on OR

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Jason Azevedo as the Dungeon Master
Joel Auge as Falpher Softfoot
Melanie Hepburn as Callie Lahwey
Adam Mainse as Dmitri Maddock
Brandon Perkins as Sterling
David Shaheen as Rone Talrythian
David Morin as Muskoka
Matthew Lillard as Rictavio
Noura Ibrahim as Ezmerelda

Producer: Julian Kancko
Producer: Josh Crusoe

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