Development Update + Hybrid Combat Footage - 11AM PT Friday, August 28, 2020

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In case you missed it, on August 28 2020, we had our Ashes of Creation August Development Update live stream! We shared our development progress which included early pre-Alpha footage of hybrid combat, discussion on Castle Sieges, environment and environment art, and much more.

5:29 Studio Update - EU Studio
10:49 Design Update - Hybrid Combat with in-game footage
27:55 Design Update - Castle Sieges with in-game footage
48:08 Environment Art Update - Node Art Progression
56:15 Character Art Update - Armors and Shell of the Ancients with in-game footage
1:03:49 Q&A - We also try to provide quite a few answers to questions in our Q&A thread each month, so head on over:

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