Disguised Toast Destroys the Trash talking Stream Sniper to the Ground l Toast's Happy Vitamins

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NOTE* this is an Edited footage from other creators where we added a storyline or commentary for you guys to Enjoy, Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts on these type of Edits as we Try to Follow YouTube Policies/ guidelines to Honor the original creators, while adding value to the clips. :)

From March 2 Streams of @Disguised Toast together with co OTV Housemate Lilypichu, along with their friends, Babo Abe, Natsumiii and Tinakittens' Ex Boyfriend Jummy Chu.

In one of the 7 Valorant Matches for today, Toast's team encountered some Trash talking Kids, who said Toast couldn't AIM because he was dominating them with the Shotgun at first, then Toast brought out his Operator and destroyed the enemy team to the ground.

(PS* Sorry for some FPS Drops the VOD was taken live)

Here are today's Favorites, Enjoy the Video! :)

► Disguised Toast:
► ABE:
► Wendy: ​
► LilyPichu: ​
► Jammy chu:

(0:00​​​​​) -intro
(00:13) - Natsumiii 4K
(01:24) - Toast Smooth 4K Operator
(02:18) - Collateral with OP
(02:56)- Toast 4K Operator to Knives
(03:40) - Draming of 34 Double D's & Happy Vitamins
(06:14) - "Go back up Jummy!"
(06:43) - Toast 4K Judge
(07:37) - "Oh I missed Yoru!"
(08:05) - 4K Judge
(09:12) - Trash talk Begins
(09:19) - Picks the Trashtalker
(10:01) - Destroying the Trash Talker
(10:21) - Toast 3K with Marhsal
(11:23) - Team Push with Operator
(12:17) - Toast Adding Insult to Injury
(12:35) - Revived and Popped Off
(13:43) - Humiliates the Trash talker

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