Dragon Ball: 10 Characters Who WILL Surpass Beerus

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In Dragon Ball you can pretty much count on any overpowered enemy getting their comeuppance at some point in the series. Villains like King Piccolo, Frieza, Perfect Cell and Majin Buu where all the most powerful beings in the series for a minute. They all went the way of the Dragon Ball villain, however, and were promptly defeated with great relish. Well, there’s one who hasn’t met that fate. Not yet,

There is absolutely no character in Dragon Ball Super who needs to be taken down a few pegs quite like the god of destruction himself, Beerus does. He has been coasting ever since he threw hands with Goku in Battle of the Gods and frankly it’s about time someone took him to task. At this point, it’s just a matter of who gets to do it?

So now is the time to place your bets on which Dragon Ball Super character it will be who finally puts Beerus in his place! Will it be the standard way of Goku finally overcoming a major enemy? Will they shake it up again and have Gohan take his father’s spotlight? Or will Vegeta FINALLY get his time outside of Goku’s shadow.

The show might even go further and have one of the villains take him down instead. There’s one sociopathic space warlord who hasn’t revealed his final plan

Well let’s not wait any longer! It’s time to dive deep into the Dragon Ball characters who are destined to beat Beerus.


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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Joseph Delaney
Edited by: JimmyMax

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