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Hello! Today Martha tell interesting story. The thing is that because of my physiology, I become dangerous to society on some days. Almost like those werewolves. Of course, I don’t turn into them.
It all started a long time ago, when I was 15. First, there were the terrible teen-years, when I rocked all my family up, rebelled and tried to leave home for the slightest remark from my mum. And then, came THEM – menstruations. But my parents who already came away from my puberty faced another problem. I don’t know what kind of things happen in my head every month, but I’m really dangerous to society on these days.
I’m not all honey. I’m a tough one for communication. It’s hard for me to get along with others. And I have only one friend. She’s used to my behaviour and looks at what I do, not what I say. And on these days, everything gets much more worse. Hysterias and sudden mood swings - I shed floods of tears, and then, I start laughing at something Mum always says she only imagines what I’ll be like during my pregnancy. I’ll probably kill everyone who gets in my way.
Of course, we went to the doctors, even to the psychiatrist. But they all say it happens. We only hope that as I’ll grow older, the hormones will calm down. So, I won’t have such a terrible storm from which I’m twisted like in a frying pan. But now, I’m 19. And we’re still waiting for this. But you know, when other girls are afraid to find out their menstruations came somewhere in a crowded place, I don’t have such a problem. I always know that it will be time to stock up on hygiene products because my “transformation” begins exactly in one day.
At such moments, wherever I am, I pick up an “alarming case” and go to my mum at once. Because, used to all the years of her life with me, she knows what to do. She always has boxes of paper handkerchiefs, chocolate bars and all kinds of melodramas. Because when I cry over another silly story, I’m peaceful enough. In case, she can always give me some Irish coffee, if you know what I’m talking about, and then, take me to bed. Fortunately, I weigh 100 pounds. So, dad can still carry me in his arms.
Well, and for so many years, everyone including my teachers has got used to my absences. So, they don’t ask questions. I even have an official certificate that shows during such periods, I’m incapacitated and should be monitored. So, I don’t have to work the missed classes out. But I’m already 19. And my hormones are all the
Anyway, the biggest problem wasn’t the college but my boyfriend. While we were just dating, everything was okay. But when he offered to move in I really loved him, and I really wanted it. But I didn’t know how to tell about my little surprise. And for the first, second, even third time, I simply said I had a tradition – getting back home for five days every month and spending time with my family.
At first, he didn’t check what was happening to me there. We were opening new things in each other step by step. And the flat we paid halvsies for had only one room. So, my going back home was even a joy for us both - five days of being alone, thoughts and putting them in order without someone’s curious face. You see, love is love. But you need some privacy anyway.
But six months later, Antony started asking questions. We lived together and planned to get married. So, at least, we should go to my parents together if I couldn’t part with them for a long time. Everything sounded logical, I didn’t even imagine how I would show him my state.
As a He accused me of two-timing him. Antony told me going home to parents isn’t to be hidden from the person whom you plan to introduce into the family. I tried to laugh it off. I even blurted out that I was just a werewolf and turned into a creepy beast in the full moon. He kind of laughed too. But, as it turned out, he decided to check where and why I was leaving all the time.
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