Exposing The Truth About Forex Trading In 2021 | Is IML/IM Academy A Scam?

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Exposing The Truth About Forex Trading In 2021 | Is IML/IM Academy A Scam? | THE COMPLETE TRUTH. Watch this video to learn the complete truth about forex trading. Is forex a scam? Is IML a scam? How to learn forex? How to avoid scams? Stay tuned to find out!

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0:00 Intro
0:38 What is forex?
2:26 MLMs and Pyramid Schemes
3:06 Forex MLMs
4:09 Is IML a pyramid scheme?
5:11 Is IML a scam?
5:53 Is forex a scam?
6:29 How to learn to trade
7:53 How to avoid scams
9:06 Conclusion
9:29 Outro

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