Fan Theories That Turn Regular Movies Into Horror Movies

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Ready to be scared? These weird fan theories transform the subjects of some pretty innocent films into bone-chilling horror movies. And they're so wickedly clever that you won't ever be able to think of these movies the same way again.

Everyone loves Home Alone, a comedy that tells the story of a neglected child named Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin. Abandoned by his cruel family, Kevin tortures two desperate criminals purely for his own entertainment.

Kevin's antics, although hilarious, are also shocking for such a seemingly normal young boy. This is why Jason Concepcion of Grantland has made the case that Home Alone is actually the supervillain origin story of Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

Concepcion has many pieces of evidence to back up his claim. Among them is Kevin's tendency to experience terrifying hallucinations. He also makes a note of Kevin's use of recorded media to fool his enemies, as well as his ability to devise ingenious traps.

Oh yeah, there's even the fact that the grown-up version of Macaulay Culkin bears a striking resemblance to Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell.

Watch the video for more Fan Theories That Turn Regular Movies Into Horror Movies!

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