[FGO TA] Skadi 3 turn Fate Zero Challenge Quest

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Thanks to Aigla for 2145 skadi and also thanks to Ivory for helping me make a badly editted meme

Took about 15 hours

Originally there was sherlock in the team with mata hari at the end, but I realized sherlock really wasn't optimal due to his cost and the fact that he gave crit damage instead of attack up when you are already at 275% crit from(CE + chiron + 2x skadi), the def down is needed to kill diarmuid but still gets cleansed leaving you with very low amount of attack buffs/def down on t3 totaling up to 60% with mata hari.

I then revised the script to try to use liz and stheno since liz is less tankier than a lvl 1 sherlock and stheno gives everything that you need 68% attack buff/def down from NP + 3rd skill and buff removal and a buster start for the rest of your cards. It brings the total to 128% attack up/def down + 275% crit on quick cards vs the sherlock script which is 60% attack up/def down + 325% crit.

as you would know (128% attack up/def down) * (275% crit damage) =

* = (for non quick crits)

where as

(60% attack up/def down) * (325% crit) = , so the exchange from crit damage to attack makes my cards hit much harder

* = (for non quick card crits)

Sherlock would of needed BXQ or someone else's buster + QQ(need highroll) to work where as stheno can work with BQ/QQ avg last turn, thus reducing the rng by a ton.

Although in this specific instance, both script would of worked out to the same result since I got 3 cards at the end.

BGM: Einhejar Rubedo
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