[FGO TA] Yan Qing 4 turn Gugalanna/Bull of Heaven Challenge Quest

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BGM: Ai wo Torimodose

This one didn't take that long after I optimized T2, my original script had something with poster girl skadi which had something around chance of success if I didn't highroll t1

The original script was

QA into QQ into AQ into BQ/QQ

This script has the same rng on t1/t3/t4, however this gives me a extremely better rng on t2 granted that I do a rng death on skadi instead of poster girl, but since only 1 quick is needed for 50% I have a lot of options to reset for skadi death.

I also got lucky on t1 highrolling so I could worked with only 1 non arts card on last turn instead of BQ/QQ, but I got the cards needed for t4 anyways.

Credit to Ivory for helping me with the thumbnail edit, I can't edit for crap.
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