Godzilla GVK | KONG SHOWS GODZILLA HIS NEW AXE! (Godzilla Comic Dub)

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Kong shows his buddy Godzilla his brand new axe, gives him a real close look, also Kong and Godzilla make a "meal" for Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah and the other

Thanks to Ruubesz for letting me dub his comics, go follow him here!


Thanks to Kat for playing Moonhidora, follow her here:

Godzilla, Kong, and Anguirus (Yeah I play allot of my characters lol)

Thanks to Sky for palying Mothra, follow her here:

Thanks to Mike for playing Rodan, follow him here:

Check out the other Godzilla comic dubs here:

Got some some great news gonna be doing allot of Godzilla Vs SCP creatures in the Godzilla Puppet/Movies so stay tuned coming soon, also I plan to do allot more live action stuff including a Godzilla falls in love with King Kong video coming out tomorrow for Valentines day. I want this channel to be more what it is, so lets make it something special and bigger and better then ever. But in the mean time I will finish up the Among Us Movies aka Among Us Plush series put that out, but in the meantime of plenty, Genshin Impact, My Hero Academia, Godzilla, Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, and so many other comics to come very very soon! Last thing I am working on some awesome Godzilla Vs Kong movie theme merch launching in the first week of march so stay tuned as that will be something to look forward to or all of you!

Also thank you for over 490,000 subscribers this means so much to me , and I can't wait to show you the GODZILLA VS KONG merch, and who knows maybe a face reveal at 500k!

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