GoPro Hero 9 Black 5K Cinematic (Everything was shot in handheld with Hypersmooth 3.0 on)

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GoPro hero has always been the lead of the action cam industry. They were the first camera to introduce and 4K recording back in 2013. That was way ahead from Panasonic GH4. And with the Hero 9, there is no exceptional. GoPro is now capable to record 5K up to 30p. This is the first Action cam to do that.

So GoPro footage often sharpen due to the small sensor. So I wasn’t expecting the 5K to be any different comparing with 4K footage. But I was wrong. The 20MP 5K footage is actually more detail.

HyperSmooth is also the selling point. I did a video last year with the Hero 8 HyperSmooth And it was like gimbal-like already. The is even crazier.

But there are some drawbacks with the Hero 9. The linear mode doesn’t work on 5K mode. And Super wide angel view also disabled. But if you switch it to 4K. Most of the features are working fine.

Pros and Cons (Personal opinion)
- New inch Screen
- Front Screen
- 5K Video looks nicer and more detail than the last gen
- HyperSmooth
- Bigger battery
- 20MP photos

- Hypersmooth crops in a lot (14mm shot become 19mm roughly)
- Linear mode doesn’t work in 5K mode
- 5K is hard to edit (My 2018 iMac Pro was struggling a lot)

Sorry the GoPro hero 9 is super new, so I couldn’t get any NDs on this video. I know 1/50 shouter speed would be the perfect for the nice motion blur.

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DSI Pictures Entertainment 2020
Filmed and edited by Steve Chan
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