Guided Meditation for Detachment from Social Media (Clearing Negativity & Anxiety Sleep Hypnosis)

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This guided meditation is a healing meditation for positive mindful detachment for clearing negativity and anxiety when online, to improve your healthy use and perspectives of social media.

In this track, you will experience many suggestions for mind and body relaxation, as well as for deep mind changes and subconscious transformations, all to do with re-framing and improving your positive use of social media.

Rather than limiting you to black and white choices - this track will powerfully expand your options, so you can feel so much better in your views and use of social media. In doing so, this meditation will encourage your deep mind's awareness to grow your confidence, to enhance your calm, to promote your safety, and to remove all negative blocks for your happiest self control, all when choosing to use - or readjust your use of - all social media apps and sites.

Simply relax back and listen along to the spoken words and tranquil soundscape of gentle background music, to allow these healing messages to reach your deepest mind; so that you see yourself and feel yourself being much more productive, more empowered, more protected, and more relaxed, when using your favourite social media platforms online.

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This guided meditation combines aspects of body scan relaxation, guided imagery and visualization, mindful awareness, and deep mind affirmations for feeling safe and secure, for clearing subconscious negativity, for reducing overthinking, for relieving anxiety, and for encouraging a positive day or a restful, deep sleep.

All you have to do is listen along and allow yourself to relax, as you learn how to let go of physical tensions and stress, feel more protected and calm, and enhance your inner healing of mind and body harmony. Doing this will also reduce the effects of anxiety and overthinking as you turn down any excessive noise of the mind's chatter, by more easily drifting and floating into blissful calm, or into your soothing dreams of deep sleep, if that's what you choose.

I hope you relax and enjoy this healing journey towards your positive protection, calmness and confidence when using your social media :)


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This session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening will help compound all positive suggestions to encourage your own mind's healing results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for either returning to a refreshed and alert state of wakeful positivity, or for drifting and dreaming into a peacefully deep, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. This track may also be useful for relieving symptoms of insomnia, depression, over-thinking, OCD and rumination.


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Original vocals by Michael Sealey © 2020

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"Deepest Mind" - by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

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