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In Memory of Charles Storck:

During a plagued dust and wind storm in 1963, a countryman takes in a weary traveler seeking refuge — but discovers the truth in the circumstances of his arrival.

The Howling Wind by Lorian Gish & Justin Knoepfel

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More About "The Howling Wind" :
In 1963, a rural town is ravaged by a plagued force majeure. The radio warns of violence and confusion outside. A gruff countryman, Arnold braces his home for safety, until he comes across a young barkeep, Jacob in his basement seeking shelter from the storm. The two men have face to face with each other…and their survival. Do Not Get Caught in The Winds!

"The Howling Wind" Credits:
In Memory of Charles Storck
Directed by: Lorian Gish & Justin Knoepfel
Written by: Justin Knoepfel
Produced by: Tyler St Pierre, Justin Knoepfel & Lorian Gish
Director of Photography: Harrison Kraft
Production Designer: Nicole Smith
Costume Designer: Lauren Rinn
Production Manager: Hayden C. Dabbs
Assistant Director: Deana M. Biagi
Key Hair/Makeup Effects: Aimee Kuge
Sound Designer: David Margolin Lawson

The Players:
Arnold Cunningham: Anthony Arkin
Jacob Thompson: Nicky Boulos
"The Radio": Mark Silverman

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