How a TROLLING YI MID Got to Master

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정헌희 HeonHee is a korean Master Yi Mid one trick who reached high korean Master with Master Yi in season 11. This is the story of how he did it + an analysis of how you can too.

This is a season 11 Master Yi Mid guide, with new Master Yi build for s11, Master Yi runes for season 11 and Master Yi Mid guide for season 11. Video has lots of Korean Challenger Master Yi gameplay analysis.

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00:00 The Yi Problem
00:10 Story of Our Player
01:48 Sounds like Trolling?
02:05 Laning on Master Yi Mid
02:41 The OP Healing Strategy
04:31 The Level 6 Plan
05:25 The Secret Weapon
06:26 Mid Game Plan
07:18 Teamfighting on 1 Shot Yi
09:30 Who to Ban + Summoners + Skill Order
10:29 Build - Yi Mid
11:07 Runes - Yi Mid

#MasterYi #Mid #Season11
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