How hysterical Monkey Tulu stand on one leg not turn face to see "Dog Food" but drink soy bean lil

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Dear all my beloved viewers,

Baby “Lee Albert” also called “Lee Lee” is an orphan pigtailed monkey baby that Daddy Sakor rescued from the abandoned house in the forest. He was first seen alone nothing to eat and was believed to be raised by a poor family as a cruel villager living next to the forest approximately 167km from Daddy Sakor’s Hometown. However, Lee Lee arrived at Daddy Sakor’s house on the 14th of August, 2020 at 15:38mn. Lee Lee’s life really changed when he stepped into the house of Daddy Sakor, a father of Baby Mona & Donna and as a caregiver of Monkey Tulu.

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I'm sorry for this carebeer.
I'll try to make it smaller.
I put watermark to prove because there are many thieves stealing my videos everyday to repost in Facebook. They don't give credit or the original links to my YouTube Channel. They even create the title of each video by themselves to confuse many kind viewers leading to the misunderstanding and confusion of the real content from the original Sakor. So I have to put it.
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