How I would teach a colt to turn and back

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When Pat does a video on teaching an older horse how to do a certain think, he will often preface what he is doing by saying "I wouldn't do this with a colt." Well, a few of you have asked "Well, Pat, how exactly would you teach this or that to a " So here is a video that addresses some of those differences. Now, you'll have to use your imagination as we don't have a colt that has been recently started at the moment (stay tuned for the real thing with Chinaco) but we decided to do this video now with Monty. Pat goes over how he would begin the process of teaching a colt how to turn and how to back up. As usual, there are a few stories about a variety of subjects, among them some words on cheatgrass, a recent ride on Grasshopper, and carrier pigeons. For more information, please have a look at our website . Please take a moment to hit the Like button, Subscribe to our Channel, and Share it with your friends. Thank you for watching! We appreciate your support.
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