How Strong is Nero { Arm Fused with Yamato}| The Devil Bringer | - Devil May Cry 4 -Devil May Cry 5

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Comic accurate Planet Hulk

“My Favorite DC ANIMATED Movies/Series you need”
“Green Lantern The TAS ! UNDERRATED”

“Justice League War”

“Justice League Flashpoint”

“Justice League Dark Apocalypse war”

“The dark Knight returns”

“Superman Batman Public Enemies”

“Superman batman Apocalypse”

“Justice League The Complete animate saga”

The best DC animated movies in my opinion right here

“THE BEST MARVEL Movies / Shows”
Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes


“My Favorite Video Games” ( The Holy Trinity of Action Adventure)

God of War

Devil May Cry 5

“Honorable Mentions” aka Still God Tier Games
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order

Ninja Gaiden

Spiderman PS4

Batman Arkham Saga

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