How to breed CLERIC Dragon ? - Dragon Mania Legends

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How to breed CLERIC Dragon ? - Dragon Mania Legends

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???? Sept 14-21 (9AM GMT): Divine Dungeon! ????
In addition to having the chance to loot the Black Hole Dragon, this special edition of the Bottomless Dungeon includes Divine Tickets inside every chest!
Dungeon shop: Pitaya Dragon

⚔ September 14–21 (9AM GMT): Clan Siege! ⚔
Attack the opposing Clan's Fort to win valuable rewards.

⌛ Sept 14-21 (12PM GMT): Divine Chests! ⌛
Collect Divine Tickets and unlock Divine Chests to collect Dragon Parts - including the brand-new Chrono Osiris!

???? Sept 14–21 (12PM GMT): Boss Challenge! ????
Beat all the celestial Bosses to complete rounds and win the Priestess Dragon.

???? Sept 18-21 (3PM GMT): Golden Opportunity! ????
Spend as much Gold as you can for a chance to earn special rewards. Leaderboard prize: Xylophone Dragon.

???? Sept 18-21 (3PM GMT): Farming Fanatic! (VIP) ????
Collect as much Food as you can. Leaderboard prize: Ladybug Dragon.

???? Sept 14-21 (8:30AM GMT): Dragon of the Week! ????
This week's special weekly dragon is the Sunfeather Dragon, which you have a chance to breed by pairing the War and Lightning Dragons.

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