How to Make a Right Turn at an Intersection

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Learn how to turn right at intersections to both pass a driver's test and be a safer, smarter driver. Pass Driver's Test Checklist ► SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►

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0:00 Driving Isn't Complicate - Just 4,327 Little
0:55 Right Turn at Uncontrolled Intersection
2:40 Right Turn at 2-Way STOP
3:36 Right Turn at 4-Way STOP
4:05 Right Turn at 4-Way STOP with vehicle
4:30 Tools for Beginner Drivers
5:22 Right Turn with Left-Turn Vehicle at 2-Way STOP
6:00 Right Turn at Red Light
8:03 Right Turn With Pedestrians
Are you learning how to drive and preparing for a driver's test? Get the correct information to turn right at intersections. Learn how to turn at both controlled and uncontrolled intersections. And know that you can turn right at a red light. However, if you're not comfortable doing this during your test, you can wait for the green light before proceeding. We give you the information to turn at complex intersection, 2-Way and 4-Way intersections. This information will make you a safer, smarter driver.

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