[ Just Fall Asleep ] SOOTHING Sleep Music "Comet NEOWISE" Binaural Beats 4Hz Theta

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Listen to this relaxing sleep music composition with 4Hz Binaural Beats Theta waves to fall asleep fast and easy. Beat insomnia, stress and anxiety and enjoy a full night of deep healing sleep.

C/2020 F3 also known as 'Comet NEOWISE' is a rare cosmic visitor that became visible from Earth's Northern hemisphere in March of this year. Now the comet is disappearing from our view to reappear in 6800 years! Goodbye NEOWISE ???? thank you for reminding us that we are only a small part of the universe.

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Created with carefully selected frequencies. Binaural Beats Theta waves can modulate your brainwaves to states known to be beneficial for stress relief, meditation and relaxation.

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???? Binaural Beats have shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
The binaural beat frequencies may affect brain waves - a process called entrainment (headphones required). No headphones required to enjoy the calming sounds.

© Copyright & Credits
・Music, concept, art-direction and editing by Zac

???? Artwork and animation by Anton Dmitriev ・

❤ Hello

If you’re new here, my name is Zac. I compose and produce original calming music and relaxing visuals (which I love doing!) for my channel SleepTube - Hypnotic Relaxation since 2017.

No days go by without feeling blessed by all the heart-warming support for my content. It’s very motivating and inspiring. Thanks for watching, liking and commenting and much love to you if you subscribe or share this video with someone!

Peace, Zac ????

✔️ I get asked about my gear, software and creative process so here are some FAQ:

▶ What software do you use?
I use a variety of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) mostly Ableton Live + software synths as well as sampling techniques. Visuals are created with Adobe's CC tools. Recording devices include the Olympus LS-10 and Zoom H4n Pro.

▶ Can I use your music?
All music and audio are original compositions created and produced by me personally.
They can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-uploaded or distributed without permission.

⚠️ Important
STOP listening when you experience any negative effects.
My video and audio productions are never to take the place of professional medical advice.
I am not a healthcare professional, doctor or scientist.
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind.
You should not listen to binaural beats if you are prone to have seizures.

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