Lord Of Heroes Global: Beginners Guide | The Best Way To Start The Game | Who to Invest In Early

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Lord of Heroes global launch officially starts today so I wanted to provide you guys with a beginner's guide. This video should get you off to a good start and prepare you to be successful early in Lord of Heroes. We're going to go over my Recommended banners to reroll in, Characters to invest in early that will retain value, and the way to get the most out of PVP. This will be the first video out of a three-part series I have planned for the global launch of Lord of Heroes. Tomorrow will be my first impression /w promotion codes for Lord of Heroes and then we'll cap it off with one more guide to help you guys progress. I would have included the codes in this video but I want to verify they're still functional with the global release. This game is very unique in the sense that the gacha mechanics are going to be used to attain gear and not characters. With that being said I will be skipping a reroll guide for this game unless the demand is high enough to require a separate video from what we discussed here.

Intro 0:00
Who To Choose For The First Contract 0:33
Gacha/Rerolling Gear Recommendations 4:20
Characters To Invest In Early 6:18
Characters To Invest In Later 10:22
PVPs Role In the Early Game 12:36
Perks Of A Guild 13:22
Expedition 13:49

Corrections: The second contract is going to take 30 days to complete as opposed to the 15 days I mentioned in the video.

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