Malice Mizer - Baptism of Blood Live [2001.07.05] Zepp Osaka

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Reuploading the raw files of the live recording of Malice Mizer's Zepp Osaka concert from their Gardenia tour, from July 5th, 2001. I noticed that sometimes the pitch of the recordings can be a bit slow, but I didn't bother to mess with it because "a e s t h e t i c s". I really enjoy all the songs, and the quality isn't the best but it's nice to upload something of this nature for everyone to view.


01 Beast of Blood
02 幻想楽園 (Gensô Rakuen)
03 崩壊序曲 (Hôkai Jokyoku)
04 Baptism of Blood
05 血塗られた果実 (Chinurareta Kajitsu)
06 鏡の舞踏 幻惑の夜 (Kagami no Butô genwaku no yoru)
07 真夜中に交わした約束 (Mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku)
08 虚無の中での遊戯 (Kyomu no naka de no yûgi)
09 破誡の果て (Hakai no Hate)
10 記憶と空~再会そして約束~ (Kioku to Sora - Sakai soshite yakusoku)
11 白い肌に狂う愛と哀しみの輪舞 (Shiroi hada ni kûru ai to kanashimi no rondo)
12 Beast of Blood (reprise)
13 薔薇の葬列 (Bara no Sôretsu)
14 Gardenia
15 Garnet
16 Ma Chérie~愛しい君へ~

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