More Powerful than the Secret! 1 Simple Tool that Changes Everything! Jessica Lee & Michael Sandler

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Alchemy's the process of turning lead into gold, and also of powerful energetic and personal transformation.

Your mind truly is creator, thoughts are quite literally things, and how you interact with your thoughts and outer world, determine everything.

That why simple shifts in perspective can yield incredibly powerful results to change your life.

In this fascinating discussion, Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler discuss the "power of perfection" a simple new thought technique--arguably more powerful than the secret!

Michael Sandler has been a top thought-leader and success coach for the last 25 years. He's also the host of the incredibly success Inspire Nation Show podcast, where he's interviewed nearly 1200 expert's, authors, and thought leaders on helping people leave their worries and concerns behind, and become the most amazing SUCCESSFUL and balanced human beings possible!

And Coach Jessica Lee has been the behind the scenes director of EVERYTHING, and now is bringing her knowledge and wisdom to the forefront!

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