【MOTHER2/EARTHBOUND】Mother 2/Earthbound Intro (Fan Anime)【FAN DUB】

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Go to 綿野レモンT/ WatanoLemonT's channel! I think you will love their stuff!

Here's the dub! After a few months of working on it, it's finally done! (I do apologize for the awkward slow down for one of the lines, I was trying to sync with that line, and It wasn't too easy.)

But otherwise, Hope you enjoy it!


Ness and Ness's Mom - Skylar Tourai VA
Porky/Pokey Minch - DonkeyDudeVA
Extras - Tanooki

The rest of the video is done by WatanoT!

All rights go to rightful owners, Thanks for Watching!
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