Naagin Throwback! Guru Maa puts Shivanya in a tight spot

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In order to test Ramya's claims that Shivanya is a naagin, Yamini calls Guru Maa to her house and asks her to make things clear. Guru Maa, who has lost all her powers, asks Ankush to take off the protective ring he's wearing and put it on Shivanya's hand to test whether Shivanya is a naagin or not. Will Shivanya's truth come out?

Naagin, the saga of love and revenge, has had the audience hooked since its launch. This supernatural show traces the lives of 'ichchadhari' naagins. Watch on, as every season, the Naagin fights evil and keeps the ultimate source of power, the 'naagmani' safe from evil clutches.

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