Never Come Back (1941) by John Mair | Radio Drama (1986) | Thriller

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It is September 1939; the Second World War has just begun. An enigmatic love affair leads to danger and desperation for handsome Desmond Thane, a cocky and obnoxious journalist, fed up with effortless sexual affairs. Having met by chance at the Café Royal, Desmond becomes infatuated with Anna Raven, a sensual middle-aged woman, which soon leads him into a dangerous pool of lies and bloody secrets. He finds Anna odd and furtive, living in a tiny London flat; a woman of means whose way of life is obscure and concealed from him.

Directed By: Gerry Jones.

Never Come Back is a gripping thriller from 1941, the only novel by John Mair, who was killed in an RAF training accident only six months after it was published.

Desmond Thane: Gareth Armstrong
Anna Raven: Natasha Pyne
Foster: Michael Deacon
Samuels/March: Ronald Herdman
Fat: John Holus
O'Brien: Shaun Prendergast
Chairman: Colin Douglas
Committee members: Brian Hewlett
Shadwell: David Timson
Dr Vescott/Committee member: Edward Desouza
Poole: Gordon Reid
Emily March/Girl in pub: Elaine Claxton
Matron: Sheila Grant

Production Company: BBC Productions

Saturday-Night Theatre
BBC Radio 4
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