PART 2 New Witch Q&A: Interview With a Scientist | Ami Melaine

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MOAR witchy questions from Jaime, my scientist friend!

The sound in this video is not the greatest quality--please bear with me! I did try to edit the worst bits and make sure the CC is comprehensive, but I thought this Q&A was too valuable to scrap.

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0:15 | Q1 How do I know if my pet is actually my familiar?
6:06 | Q2 How can I tell if I’m ready for high-level spells?
10:34 | Q3 Do I need to use tools for my spells?
12:58 | Q4 How can I tell if my spell worked?
16:45 | Q5 What if I don’t like how my spell turned out?
23:00 | Q6 How can I find other witches to be friends with?

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