Pluralone - Rat Bastards at Every Turn (live)

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Are they?  Are they at every turn?  I’ve been known to foolishly utter to myself how much I “hate” everyone in a fit of annoyance. Really?  Do you?  What’s the problem? Do you seek unhappiness and discord everywhere you go? If you saw someone on the street in need of help, would you turn and walk away? Where does this unhappiness and feeling like everyone out there is a rat bastard come from? Your mind! That’s where. Sure people from the dawn of time say and do horrendous things, treat each other horribly, disrespect everything others may hold dear, BUT we all live here and we need to figure out how to live in this world with everybody else.  

When the urge to tip the scale more in one direction or another arises, when we upset the equilibrium of humankind, what do we see?  War?  Abuse?  Inhumane mistreatment of others?  Yes, all of those things, but on a smaller scale, we see a hardening of the spirit and a disappearance of generosity toward one another that make it way harder for us to move forward.  We as a species are only still here because, I believe, there is always slightly more of us who care to see us through to a better, if not just another day.  We are moving quickly toward something scary and potentially irreversible, or at least difficult to reverse for a long while; unnecessary division, possible aggression, stagnation or worse, reversal of progress.    

Everyday I try to remind myself that bad thinking, whether it’s a comic utterance of disgust because someone took my parking space, or a blast of self hatred because I didn’t get this song recorded on the first attempt, is not good.  Not productive.  Everyday I try and try to make my mind a little kinder, to the people around me, to the planet, and most myself.  It seems to me a good place to start if you would prefer not always thinking there are rat bastards at every turn.

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