Pokemon Legends Arceus SECRETS & HIDDEN FACTS YOU MISSED!? (Pokemon Legend Arceus Analysis)

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We have got ourselves here a great breakdown of everything that you may or may not have seen in the original breakdowns. SO yeah pokemon legends arceus full analysis and everything we know so far about pokemon legend arceus explained. ill also have a video about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining pearl coming soon as I find that Pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl are worth fully exploring aswell. So yeah we go through all the pokemon legends arceus gameplay that was shown to us in this video aswell as having an overall pokemon legends arceus discussion.
So enjoy some of these pokemon legends arceus secrets and pokemon legends arceus secret things that you may have missed.

introduction and opening statement 0:00
The trailer world and rpg pokemon elements explained 0:23
The era and time period 0:30
The buildings and technology in pokemon legends arceus 2:11
We are making a SketchDex in Pokemon Legend Arceus 2:57
Catching mechanic & Pokeballs 3:07
No natures or IVs and EVs 3:28
Climbing, Gliding & Riding in Pokemon 3:41
Pokemon Legends Arceus Combat Gameplay 4:03
Level Changes and Operations Changes 4:46
New Regional varients pokemon legends arceus 6:19
Pokemon Legends Arceus Boss Battles 6:54
More Pokemon Legends Arceus Games in the future 8:50
Pokemon Legends Arceus Team Galactic connection 9:41
Odd houses & conclusion 10:12

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