Politicians again turn coronavirus problem 'into a human disaster'

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says another example has surfaced of the paranoia, political posturing and mismanagement that’s seen politicians "turn a serious problem, the coronavirus, into a human disaster".

“Incredibly Australians are still banned from leaving our own country unless we get official permission,” Mr Bolt said.

“Now, 47,000 people have so far been, so generously, allowed to leave Australia, but 16,000 have not”.

“It's incredible, we're not free to choose for ourselves whether we can leave. How on Earth have Australians – supposed to be larrikins – let government get that much control over our lives”.

“And there is another reason – one that's caused so much more grief. We're not allowed out because we're not allowed back in,” he said.

"There's actually a limit on how many Australians can come home, about 4000 a week, can you believe that?"

"And that limit has trapped 23,000 Australians overseas".

Mr Bolt also spoke with Professor of Psychology from UNSW, Joseph Forgas, who is currently stuck overseas in Hungary.

Mr Forgas said he had to go to Hungary following the death of his mother.

"I now find myself stranded here," he said.

"Essentially you have a humanitarian disaster all around the world that Australian citizens are stranded in terrible conditions".

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