"Red Devil" Paratroop Regiment Prepare For Military Review Prior to Aden Posting | April 1967

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April 1967.

Footage of men of the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the British Army conducting exercises in preparation for an upcoming royal military review scheduled for April 24th 1967.

The review, which was to be held in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen, was not going to be a formal parade, and instead would be a split-second programme of demonstrations of the capabilities of the airbourne forces.

The Queen was expected to see a mass drop of 540 parachute troops; a free fall display by a joint service team; and a helicopter assault by two companies.

The First Battalion were scheduled to replace the Royal Anglicans in Aden where they had suffered heavy casualties from local guerrillas.

The "Red Devils" were formed by Sir Winston Churchill in 1944 and up until this point in time had seen action in Cyprus and Suez.

Lt. Colonel Mike Walsh, the Commander of 1 Para told reporters that "men who had finished their service signed on again when they heard we were going. This kind of job suits us down to the ground."

Source: Reuters News Archive.


Lt. Colonel Walsh (1927-2015) was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) in June 1967 for his command of 1 para in Aden. The citation read: "By his outstanding devotion to duty, personal bravery and exceptional powers of command, Lieutenant-Colonel Walsh contained the situation at Sheikh Othman whilst never departing from the principle of minimum force."

He retired as a Major General.


"A brief reflection on British counter-insurgency campaigns since the end of the Second World War".


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