Ringtone - A Short Psychological Thriller

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Ringtone is a psychological thriller that highlights how ignoring security features on smart devices can turn fatal. Do you know who's listening to your

This is a project I've had on the back burner for some time now. It was down to a buddy, Max Bloom, the producer of this project who eventually gave me the chance to 'get it out there'. With his 'Let's Make a Movie Okinawa' project we set about raising interest from would be actors and crew to get this done. I already had it written, just needed to bring it to life.

And thus over a six week period we took a group of interested souls and introduced them to the hardware, software and techniques needed to make this first short film project. It worked a charm and with no budget we set about making it happen.

Tommy deVries - David
Sam Schmidt - The Stalker
Karina Beard - Megumi
Autumn Webb - Jane
Josh Montgomery - Bartender
Hillary Taylor - Female Neighbor
Kirtland Neal - Male Neighbor
Mark Thorpe - Master
Daphne Bye - Newscaster

Bar Crowd
Courtney Rybicki
Jonathan Martinez
Raven Miles
Kirtland Neal

Special Thanks
James Pakiewicz
The Dojo Bar Naha

Steadicam Operator - Att Eachus
Assistant Steadicam Operator - Jonathan Martinez
Assistant Camera Operator - Hillary Taylor
Boom Operator - Kathy Millette
Continuity - Raven Miles
Photographer - Courtney Rybicki
Hair and Makeup - Claudine deVries

Soundtrack Licensed via
Epidemic Sound

Written, Directed and Edited by
Mark Thorpe

Produced by
Max Bloom


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