Sanses react to my favorite anime characters || ⚠️ SPOLIER WARNING ⚠️ (Read Desc please!)

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Hey guys! Sorry this took me so long ???? Anyway, today is my birthday!!! So exciting!! Hope you enjoyed the video!

Just a side note, I know that technically Wakfu is not an anime, but I put it in there anyway. Please don’t hate.

Anime characters (in order):
Monokuma (Danganronpa)
Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)
Runa Yomozuki (Kakegurgui) Yamaguchi Tadashi (HAKIYUU)
Yugo, Percedal, and Quilby (Wakfu)
Katsuki Bakugo (BNHA)

Monokuma edits:

Gon edits:

Runa edits:

Yamaguchi edits:

Wakfu edits:

Bakugo videos:

All credit to the owners!
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