''Secret Way'' 100% (Demon) by Booglee [3 Coins] | Geometry Dash

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A level that takes a concept that has been around Geometry Dash for a very long time, Secret Way takes this and molds it, elevates it to a completely new level, ending up with something incredibly unique and interesting. The star of this level is definitely the sync with the music, everything, from the effects, to the blocks and transitions are made with the song in mind, combining everything very nicely. Now, the block design and the backgrounds are on the simpler side, not having much decoration or color, but the effects, especially the blur with a 3D tint added on to it, makes up for this and even more. The way this effect simulates fast movement really does make you feel like you're zooming through the level. The bossfight takes this effect and uses it to complement it's movements and attacks, along with it's clean art, makes for a great ending to a great level.
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