Simple Joys (4 Roy & Pris)

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Directed by - Yoni Sandler

Video for the song "Simple Joys" by Beautiful Small Machines. Guest vocal by Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.

From the We Like It Indie (website):
With their latest release, Beautiful Small Machines recaptures the essence of music video making as true emotion & art are expressed in Simple Joys. Its rare for a video to leave its viewers wanting more, yet Simple Joys does so almost effortlessly. Calling to mind the question of why the caged bird sings, Bree Sharp & Simon Le Bons (Duran Duran) vocals are entrancing. Their lyrics & imagery project a glimpse of the freedom that could be, only to leave us pondering the confines of a caged existence in the end. A truly stunning piece of work.
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